Glen Hansard @ Iota

This dark and slightly blurry pic stems from the fact that camera phones are useless in low light. The gig was excellent and I like Iota as a venue – nice and small – perfect for some of the more mellow tunes that were performed. Plus it’s 2 blocks from my house – that may be influencing my opinion somewhat.

Probably best known for his work in The Frames, he is now touring the US with his new band The Swell SeasonEngage The Crowd last night was their first gig. That last link will take you to their MySpace page where you can see the rest of the schedule.

I highly recommend you check Glen out if you get a chance – I’ve never been a Frames fan, but after this I will be checking them out as well as Glen’s new stuff.

[Damien Dempsey]6 was also in attendance having apparently put it up to Glen to do this solo stuff in the first place. He gave us one song after a little prodding and it was a nice change up. He has a lot to live up to – in Glen’s estimation he apparently ranks with Luke Kelly and Michael Collins. I think he has a bit of a way to go before he gets into that company myself :)In fact he agreed when I pointed it out – I believe his exact response was “Fuckin’ right I do” [have a lot to live up to].

Bottom line – if you can, theck him out…

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