More Random Geekery

First off, Synergy is a fantastic application – if you have more than one monitor and more than one machine, then get it and love it – since i got it set up I can’t figure out how I lived without it.  You can see it here (writing this very post) running on 3 machines and 4 screens (counting the laptop) – for the record that is on 2 Macs and one Linux machine, though it will work with windows too.

I have a single desktop across all 4 – to switch between machines I just drag the mouse to that screen.  Copy and paste works between the machines, with no problems.  There is very occasional lag between the server (linux) and the clients (the 2 Macs) but nothing that would cause me to reconsider using it – the benefits are far too great.

For more on the geek front, I came across this story, “The case of the 500 mile e-mail” which made me laugh and shows exaclty the kind of random crap that can end up coming in when you are in my line of work, although I must admit that my problems have never been quite as interesting or had quite as novel an explanation :)