Explaining Parenting in Gaming Terminology

I was asked to do an “About Me” introduction for my new gig, and wasn’t sure how to mention the fact that I had recently become a parent for the first time.  Given the fact that I now work for a games company, I decided to have a bit of fun with it and translate it into more gamer-friendly format. I think it turned out pretty well:

I’ve just started playing a new game called Parenting, it’s in early beta, only at version 0.5 (first released in August 2014). It’s a co-op game with solo parts, usually much easier with 2 players (so I usually team up with my wife) but you can occasionally use other people to form larger parties for short periods of time. It’s a massive time sink and the learning curve is brutal, but very rewarding and not a little addictive.

The opposing AI in Parenting is developing rapidly and new strategies are required constantly to combat the adaptation and avoiding meltdown. Right now, the game requires constant attention, even at night, it’s expensive and there are no save points – it’s a little scary. The progression is not slowing down either, and looks to be open ended, will probably take decades to complete but we will persevere :)

I’m sure my daughter will appreciate me posting it on the internet for posterity.