No need to debate – this week at least………

The 24 Vs Heroes question can be put off until next week.  Instead of trying to pick between two of my favourite shows, I will be out and about with some people over from the UK.  As a happy coincidence a former colleague that left to join another company is back in the picture as that company recently purchased part of my current one and he’s in town to discuss the details of the sale – nice.  When we worked for the same company there were some wild nights out, but this promises to be a tame affair with more meetings and a flight home in store for him tomorrow.

Speaking of wild nights……what started out as a quiet couple of drinks in Ri Ra ended up with Jen and I arriving home at 5 a.m. – I got too drunk to take pictures later on, but two of the stops on the tour can be seen in the pictures here or, as always, on Flickr.  The picture below was taken in stop 2 – Galaxy Hut – and it’s a nice one of Jen and I with the poor Aussie we dragged along (or is that down?) with us:

Jen, Adam and Dan

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