My Upward Traffic Trend

I have pulled out stats from the excellent AWStats program and graphed them to get a picture of the increasing usage here at [][1] – the results look like this (click for full size): Usage

This site (as well as other sites) has been around for longer than the graph suggests, but I lost all of my old stats when my old service provider died mid-2004.  In any case, a fairly dramatic increase – the cause of this is a combination of several factors:

  1. I wrote this LG CU500 Hacking Guide and it is proving very popular
  2. I made my site more searchable (using the metafilter plugin and other tweaks)
  3. I became more active in terms of posting frequency and picture taking
  4. I added my blog to Technorati and incorporated Technorati tags using the Simpletags plugin
  5. I configured WordPress to update Technorati and other update services every time I wrote a post

That’s basically it, and what a dramatic increase – between 4x and 5x in each metric.  According to my stats, a lot of hits (80% or so) come from direct requests, or at least have no referrer.  The other 20% is basically a 2 way split between search engines (dominated by Google) and external links from Joe, Dave, Flickr, AIM Pages and several technical forums among many others.

On another techy note, I’m still mulling over the WordPress 2.1 (Ella) upgrade because I have yet to check that all of my plugins are compatible.  Eventually I will stop being lazy and get around to is, but not just yet :)

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